Comment: To those who shun any suspicion at all...

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To those who shun any suspicion at all...

Many have been charged and convicted entirely by circumstances, MO, and without the corpus! That means by the circumstances being so odd, the method of operation so precise, and without even a body to prove the person is actually dead!

Under the circumstances, and given Patrick Henry's timeless quote, any consideration of mischief in this young lady's death is not without merit!

The only thing lacking is more investigation and attempts to rule out foul play... IE: trying to prove it was accidental is as good a method as trying to prove it was not!

Many cases have gone unsolved for lack of attention to these simple truths of logic! Once an alibi seems to exonerate one suspect or motive, the case languishes for lack of logical thinking on the part of investigators. Then sits cold for years only to be solved ultimately by such simple logic once the facts fall into their lap, that it properly tarnishes the investigators who failed to be suspicious in the first place.

Unfortunately, and especially in the politics of murder and power, the powers that be, along with their perpetrators, rely heavily upon this very weakness in the population!

Ultimately however, even the most secret truth will be made known!