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I'm willing to be WRONG!!

I'm NOT a Rothbard fan. If not being a Rothbard fan makes me wrong. OK What do you want from me? I'm wrong for not being a Rothbard fan? OK/ What does that get you? Me saying I'm WRONG? I say it all the time. Being wrong doesn't hurt me. Not learning from being wrong hurts. So I'm wrong for not being a Rothbard fan. What did I learn? That you think I'm wrong for being a Rothbard fan. Thanks for that lesson.

You say I'm bitter. OK. About what? I don't need or use medical cannabis. I have a cannabis hemp lobbiest for my state grange, Mike Greene.. he's doing a great job. So why am I bitter?

And you say I'm foolish. OK. I don't think you are wrong, bitter or follish. If I did I would ignor you. So why do you bother with me? You're so much better than me, smarter, happier, all round far better person. So why stoop to my level and bother with the likes of wtrong, foolish, bitter me?

Surely your life has far better things to accomplish, like getting GJ above 3% of the vote? You would be wasting your time on wrong, foolish bitter me in trying to get me anywhere near GJ.

have a great posting day!