Comment: I love Ron Paul and what he stands for

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I love Ron Paul and what he stands for

but with that said let me also say this. I do not like the direction the campaign is taking. In other words lets all play nice and see if the Republican Party will throw us a few crumbs. Well I do not like crumbs. I want the whole sandwich and that is what I started out to get and that is what I am going to fight for right down to the end. I may come out of Tampa with my tail tucked between my legs but there is one thing for sure, I will come out of there knowing I put up a good fight.
Please excuse my language here but the Republican Party would not piss up our rear ends if our guts were on fire. The Ron Paul campaign best realize this. The Ron Paul rally will be in the Sun Dome starting at 12 noon. What does he GA Republican Party do? They schedule a mandatory meeting at 11:00 am so we can not catch the bus. We were to leave the Ron Paul rally, board buses and go to Tropicana Field for the Delegate get together. There were to be thousands lining the streets to cheer the Ron Paul buses on as we got close to Tropicana Field. Guess what we applied to the RNC for bus passes. They never even bothered to get back to us, so now that is down the drain. If any one and I mean any one thinks the Republican Party will play fair then they are smoking wacky weed. If you think they will keep any promises made then you are void of a brain. I am hoping beyond hope that I run into Jesse Benton down there. He is not going to like the major a** chewing he will receive from me.