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Comment: I think the Democratic Party is worse

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I think the Democratic Party is worse

Congratulations and THANK YOU for being a national delegate for Ron Paul. CA lost to Romney, so none of Ron Paul National Delegates, like me, are going to Tampa to nominate Ron Paul, unfortunately. Our Sec of State already has Romney as THE GOP Nominee and has not answered my query as to how that happened. Romney's campaign is based out of CA BTW.

Anyways, my GOP central committee knows I am a Ron Paul national delegate (Sec of State posted all our names), so what does my committee do? Changes our meeting to SATURDAY the 25TH. I live pretty far from an airport, so even if I drove like a bat out of hell to get to an airport to go to Tampa, I would be arriving late.

We are supposed to have a proposition on the agenda, I had them, at the last meeting, remove from New Business to agenda, for a vote. My bet is they either would have dropped it, or planned on my not being there, and stacked the committee to vote for it while I was gone.

As it is, I'm thinking of going to the meeting and telling them I have a plane to catch, just to keep them there, as they try to drag out the meeting to keep me there. LOL I don't know.

Still, I really don't think the GOP is more corrupt than the Democratic Party. I think the plan is for Romney to take the nomination, Obama to win, the GOP go bankrupt, and the Democratic Party to become the party to rule us all (like communist China's Communist party) in a NWO/global government.

I hope, and pray, that you have a safe and wonderful trip to Tampa, and that solutions prevail, that Ron Paul wins the nomination, and you come home victorious!!! Again, I congratulate you, and THANK YOU for doing what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. God Bless YOU.