Comment: Let us honor the father of the 21st century Nikola Tesla!

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Let us honor the father of the 21st century Nikola Tesla!

This is a brilliant idea whose time has come . I believe we could awaken the sleeping giant that is the american citizenry by sharing N.Tesla's story. He was literally driven crazy and disenfranchised by J.P.Morgan because he wanted to give away free energy to the people for the benifit of humanity. Tesla's inventions or rather discoveries as he refered to them from radio, radar, remote controll, wireless transmission, alternating current, cellular transmission , have been credited to everyone but him. I believe if people were informed about how technology is kept from us and buried or rolled out as slowly as possible to bleed every last penny from the public we'd grow the liberty movement a million fold. Wardencliff, the site of the planned museum, is where Tesla planned to showcase his wireless (and thus gratis) worlwide transmission of electricity. Imagine this, harness the electical energy that surrounds us (the earths core a neg.charge/the ionisphere or upper atmosphere pos.charge,the the struggle between the two pulsed out through a series of capacitors and cells to hold charge)and share it w/all mankind for free! THE END OF FOSSIL FUELS! Not to mention the loss in revenue to J.P.Morgan (and thus the Rothschilds, his puppet masters)in copper/rubber used to hard wire the planet. The very same forces that held back this great man still cripple us all as a whole. I highly recomend the book "The Wizard" to illustrate the "hidden hand" I refer to, enforcing the status quo. How else could one explain when N.T. brought radar to the US gov they told him they'd pass as it had no military applications.(They use it a little bit now!)In fact our governmant only reluctantly aknowledged N.Tesla's contribution briefly when they didn't want to pay royalties to Marconi for radio transmission patents. Then, seceratary of the navy Teddy Roosevelt pointed out Marconi had violated 9 of Tesla's patents.I don't believe Tesla was compensated either.I could and do go on for days about this great man and the travesty of his legacy thus far. NIKOLA TESLA, my man.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'