Comment: What about the stastistical

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What about the stastistical

What about the stastistical odds of the shooter being the child of a key witness in the LIBOR scandle?

What about the statistical odds of a judge deciding to admit evidence that will mean the differance between insanity and death AFTER said key-witness is scheduled to give his testimony against the Banksters?

What do Iowa statistics say about that?

Here's another statistic for you. Odds of government lying: 100%

Odds of Banksters doing whatever it takes to save their skin: 100%

Odds of the richest men in the world being able to hire whomever they want to do whatever they want: 100%

Odds of bought-and-paid-for beuracrates and upper level law enforcment/politicians doing what they are told by those who pay their bribe money and probably hold tons of blackmail over them: 100%

News flash. Government is corrupt. The Banking empire is even more corrupt. Money talks.