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I don't have a quote where he says that. He's a Christian and a social conservative in the right way ... as a private citizen who's minding his own business and living his own life the way he thinks best. In formulating solutions (often without government), he factors in all the good and bad stuff without much regard for political labels in an effort to achieve the best results.

As you know however, "social conservative" also represents a great evil in our country as a political label. So-called "social conservatives" in the political arena are lobbyists for big spending government expansion, often supporting bipartisan efforts along-side far-left groups. Many self-identified social conservative individuals are easy targets ... encouraged to "vote their (personal) beliefs" and such, without seeing the parallels between what they're being asked to support and something like the Taliban for example.

He has support from many right-thinking social conservatives; even received help from Santorum ("not Romney") delegates after Santorum dropped out (which Romney and the establishment GOP claim for Romney, no matter what the delegates want). It was government staying out of people's personal lives that allowed religion to flourish in America, and even allows people to live the socially conservative lifestyles they prefer. It is government staying out of people's lives that allows people to act according to their consciences.

Correlation does not prove causality!