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it does not spread disease

what libertad says is very true.But aside from that,raw milk in fact,is VERY healthy!I have seen & read MANY stories of people who have had many health issues which were cured with raw milk.One that sticks in my mind,is a mother whose son was ill.Dr's said he was going down hill rapidly & they had a list of treatments they wanted to put him thru at a huge cost.She heard from a friend about the healing properties of raw milk and figured it couldn't hurt.Her son started getting better & more active the first day he started drinking it and only continued to get better.When she went & reported this to the Dr,he tried telling her how bad raw milk is for people & that it is illegal in some states.The Dr did everything he could to get her to give up on raw milk(which was working)& try his expensive and historically iffy treatment.

So once again,it has nothing to do with the government looking out for our health or well being.It has EVERYTHING to do with them looking out for their kickbacks they get from the large corporations processing milk,that want raw milk to remain illegal!!!This is why it is so important for everyone to educate themselves in the political arena & get involved.We need to get our nation back.The only way to do that is to take control of our government back.POLITICS IS NOT TABOO.IT IS MANDATORY FOR A FREE STATE!!!!!