Comment: Our freedom loving Republican Delegates going to Tampa

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Our freedom loving Republican Delegates going to Tampa

This story should be a rallying cry to all of you representing us in Tampa - we are begging you to vote your conscience regardless - to stand up and say NO to Romney and insist that Dr. Paul be put up for nomination. I realize that Dr. Paul is not the last chance for the cause of Liberty - he has been a spark that has ignited passions for freedom in many of us, but often we cannot choose the time and place for Revolution and non-violent opposition to begin; history does that for us. We can ignore the signs of totalitarianism or we can choose to fight them at every turn. Delegates - we cannot do this for you, unfortunately it has fallen on your shoulders, as it did for our Founding Fathers. You have the support of millions who recognize the importance of your actions, and the many, many millions who will recognize you for taking a brave stand against tyranny. Take a stand and believe me we will follow.

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