Comment: Very true on all counts...

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Very true on all counts...

Thank goodness Dr. Paul is not a politician, but a statesman, that DOES possesses all of the qualities mentioned :-)






“We should have privacy for the individual, but we should have openness of government all the time." - Dr. Ron Paul

Honesty(And consistency and wisdom)


What really makes people follow Paul—whether they know it or not—is that he has a pretty empowering message: common sense prevails. If a guy who started out delivering babies can figure out what needs to be done to resolve the financial crisis, he seems to be saying, voters can too. He leads with explanations instead of orders, with straightforward logic instead of high-minded policy solutions.

This faith in common sense is what anchors Paul’s leadership, and is what makes him patient and trusting that both the system—and the voters—will ultimately come around to his truth telling. It’s often said Paul’s popularity comes from the fact that his followers trust him. But perhaps more important, he makes them feel like he trusts them.

Great leaders do not create followers..They create more leaders.

De criminalize Liberty!