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Comment: guns are useless, unless you know how to FIGHT with them,

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guns are useless, unless you know how to FIGHT with them,

like any other tool for self-defense, or anything else, for that matter.

for those considering the best 'one home defense gun to have' for limited budget? sure, you can get a Remington 870 for $300 or much less, used, but I'd ask one consider an alternative: an AK74 (5.45 x 39mm)

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My goodness, my sympathies

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cannot imagine what you felt like.

For starters, consider devising an emergency plan for all the residents in your home. Teach those unfamiliar with guns the basics of manual of arms (switches, levers, buttons, etc) for firearms in your house. Then mull a couple of basic scenarios and how you'll evade, plan cover, or exit. Along with who to call, HOW to report a lethal incident to 911 operator & 1st cop arriving on the scene, and what NOT to say to a cop, etc.

For security 'tools,' I'd start with a dog: one that's sizable, formidable, one that you're comfortable with, training with, exercising with, leaving your loved ones alone with, and allowing it to guard with.

Hey even if it's a Chihuahua, sometimes making noise as early warning alert and annoyance is better than nothing.

Of course there are myriad of cheap security options as well like door and window jams, cheap-0 magnetic portable alarm systems:

Stages of option, prior to projectile lethal option: pepper spray (streamy type, not powderized, plus it ALWAYS works), taser, whistle, knife, etc.

Empty handed defense basics: 1. RUN 2. how to stun your opponent, then escape 3. strikes, kicks, & joint locks 4. weapon intercepts/disarming

Then, train, train, train.

If you can't attend reputable tactical schools, or is cost prohibitive, but once you can fully absorb the fundamentals and practice and mull various scenarios, you can easily get proficient at the basics of armed self-defense, even by just watching videos.

Obviously, you'd have to practice, and with live rounds, outside of the typical linear shooting range, but learning that shooting vs. gunfight is not the same, can mean the difference between life and death.

for starters:

James Yeager - Lethal Force and Hand-to-Hand Combat, when it's lawful to exercise lethal option: 1. Intent 2. Ability 3. Opportunity

For more detailed info on that, youtube "Massad Ayoob"

and please look up

Rob Pincus, fmr cop/SWAT, of Combat Focus Shooting fame, very intellectual and analytical, current host of SWAT TV:

Gabe Suarez, fmr cop/SWAT, a bit rough around the edges to say the least, but no-nonsense effective:

Sonny Puzikas, fmr Spetsnaz and all around bad ass mofo:
You will not believe it, until you see it for yourself: Sonny KICKS a Glock slide to a lock!

GunSite, founded by Col. Jeff Cooper, the O.G. modern gunfighter and popularizer modern combat tactical school for all, and the grand poobah of O.G. M1911 Weaver-stance tactical schools:

Magpul Dynamics, offshoot of MagPul products, the neo-tacticool shiny fanciness, but looks cool and effective as hell:

MagPul Dynamics used to be run by Travis Haley and Chris Costa, the popularizers of modern carbine grip, though they didn't start it as it originated in 3 Gun competitions, but both have since parted and run their own programs:

Then there's James Yeager, cop/SWAT, fmr Mayor, fmr. Contractor, founder of Tactical Response, and all around cool ass mofo:

All of the above have affiliates all across America, and travel to various cities year long.

Here are a few notables in Texas:
Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch:

There are gobs and gobs of great tactical videos on YouTube, if you're very clear on what you're looking for. I'm personally constantly amazed at just how much insane amount of info is available online, for 'free!' The likes of YouTube can be absolutely a great resource, provided one is very clear on what they want to get out of watching those specific videos.

I know none of my listings are not gonna erase the memory of the unfortunate events that occurred to you, but hopefully this helped proffer some plausible options to entertain, for your future, or present, references.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul