Comment: This is a test.

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This is a test.

Boiling frogs, my friends. Boiling frogs.
The USGov does this bs, gauges public reaction, and then goes a bit further next time.
Something like this happens, and what do we do? Wait for a federal judge to ask the USGov really nicely if they wouldn't mind respecting the foundational contract of our country? Ha! Lots of luck with that! Or wait, even better – a petition! Nothing says you mean business quite like … a petition.
You want Freedom of Speech? There needs to be an irate freakin’ mob of everyday people with modern-era pitchforks outside of whatever building Brandon is being held in, demanding either (a) his release, or (b) really good evidence that he committed a crime.
Otherwise, these type of bureaucratic encroachments vaguely justified by plausible-sounding “National Security” concerns, will only get worse.
To those people saying, “wait a second, read his posts, he sounds unhinged”, great. That's his right, and as long as he isn't interferring with you, who cares? And with respect to “unhinged”: do keep in mind that in a world this insane, and in a great country which has drifted so far from it's proud roots, that is probably how the most sane among us will appear...