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Comment: If you read his Face Book page

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If you read his Face Book page

it is like he was baiting them to come for him, just as Pussy Riot baited Putin and the church to react. It got the girls lots of publicity for their band and their cause, and in the end made Putin look bad. This young man also wants to draw attention to issues he has about government, and hopes to draw a crowd behind him.

I think some of his language could be misconstrued as being threatening, and maybe that is the problem.

Most people are good people just trying to live their lives as best they can. Most people in government. FBI, CIA, Police Force, FEMA, and who work in banks, are good people.

So I think these FBI and Police who took the bait and came to get him are probably nice people who have to make sure he is not another MK ULTRA like James Holmes seems to be. So bad people deal in making MK ULTRA assassins, but most CIA FBI do not do this and are nice people just trying to do their job. Let us be careful of tarring all with the same brush. I bet many in FBI CIA Police ranks also see the corruption in government, and like us are concerned about the issues that affect us ALL.