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I started this ...

I started this Ron Paul Boat project of individual initiative in plenty of time for the primaries and caucuses with thinking that the sails would be used for the convention as being discussed now with a renewed posting here. I realize this is beyond last minute and will require miracles for it to happen. It sure would be nice for me to offer perfection that will work like magic without anything that can go wrong and change everything and Ron Paul is nominated. But, I only have reality to offer and it is a long shot. The reality is this is now like the Mars landing with a million things that can go wrong plus we have to overcome being past the deadline to make the sails. I also see valid concerns that the navigable waterways where it can be seen by the delegates will be blocked. This was addressed early on by Photosails and perhaps something changed and we can find out, but as of now I believe we can sail the waterways among the high security of the area. The professional captain of Hunter Sailboats will be engaged in commerce as hired and denial of passage might just be a bigger story than success or maybe not with the news media covering up of abuses.

This is crazy and impossible! Which is exactly how it can work. It will be the talk of the convention that those Ron Paul supporters are so passionate that they just don't give up and will go to extreme lengths against all odds for Ron Paul to get the Republican nomination.

I was inside of the Republican nominating convention four years ago campaigning to delegates to nominate Ron Paul. It takes a miracle to get in. It happened. Don't count on it again. My vision is delegates staring out the walls of glass of at convention and seeing the Ron Paul Boat and asking what drives those Ron Paul supporters to do this?

We will have some Ron Paul delegates there to answer that. Ron Paul is a candidate for nomination.

Presume what you like as inspired by main stream media "presumptive candidate".jargon. Delegates CAN NOMINATE RON PAUL!

The truth is the globalists have a tiny fraction of one percent of the voters yet they win by tricking the voters with their candidates on both sides. It's ironic that we can easily outvote the globalists yet many here truthfully tell us it is impossible to win. That is the reality. Reality can be changed

In your imagination, go back in time and tell George Washington it is impossible to win against the mighty British Empire and their professional soldiers so well trained and fed and with plenty of supplies. Tell George Washington he can't win with less than five percent public support -- that's it's impossible!.

Not to take away from impossible that it did happen, it was impossible and only happened by many miracles given by our Creator in giving us the gift of our United States of America that we are about to vote away. Judgement of a nation comes from that!

Fund this and it's grasping at straws. Pray for miracles, too. That's how we keep our United States.

Money saved by not funding this attempt to get delegates curious to what drives us so and considering what they learn in their nomination choice becomes a moot point when we lose all that we know and love and yes, I am talking the lives of people. Global governance is evil and destruction beyond imagination.

Win or lose, impossible or not, I work to keep our United States of America. I've funded many of my expensive projects to get Ron Paul elected out of my own pocket when it just cost a few thousand dollars, but this one is beyond my means and I ask for your help. I believe in it so much that I would fund it all myself, if I had the money. I did fund the website with $500.

I use my real name and with my reputation (I'm known by Ron Paul supporters here in Utah), I make this promise:

The money raised will go to fund this project or it will be refunded.

Ronald H Levine
Sandy, Utah


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