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That graphic is just for us

That graphic is just for us to picture what can be done and to use our imagination. The sails are opaque and can have one graphic on one side and another on the other. I would like to see (with permissions) the colorful charts and graphics of military contributors for Ron Paul being so much more than the other candidates one one side of the sails. Some famous Ron Paul quotes that came true after being laughed at predictions would be a good choice there, too. A sailboat turns around to show the other side of it's sails. Contributors will need to make some quick decisions on their graphics choices, but only IF this project gets funded quickly.

On that, I just realized: The Chipin I used early on when there was plenty of time might be a delay. Contributors, please be ready. Photosails needs to get the necessary amount quickly. We'll need to find a way to have less that can delay that.

Ronald H Levine
Sandy, Utah


Think big:

Ronald H Levine :)

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