Comment: Not necessarily defending the Feds here ...

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Not necessarily defending the Feds here ...

.. and with full understanding that monitoring social media and all digital communications to the extent that they are doing it is illegal, immoral, and is often being used for great evil.

However .. a few points need to be made:

1 - We don't know whether or not he is / was being held on NDAA provisions. It's highly possible. But its possible he wasn't.

People have been pulled in for questioning by law enforcement / Fed agents for a long time now for what they might consider potential threats or "threatening language" long before the NDAA.

(cue old jokes about the kid in class that says out loud "... so, even saying out loud that you might want to get the president can get you hauled in?" ... and instantly agents in black suits and sunglasses rush in and haul the kid away ... )


2 - IF the quotes in the article are attributable to Raub?

Well ... free speech is one thing. But *not* using your head when speaking in a public forum - and one you KNOW is being heavily monitored the way we know it is (illegally and morally and evilly) being monitored is another.

IF those are his quotes, and he *wasn't* being threatening ... then he was being totally foolish in the way he expressed himself online.

Because the way he was phrasing those quotes, it could definitely be construed as threatening.

Again: not taking the side of what's happening. Merely using common sense here.