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Comment: "Well … free speech is one thing", blah blah blah

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"Well … free speech is one thing", blah blah blah

Pardon me, and excuse my French if you aren't even American, but just WnTF?!
Brandon Raub's 1st Amendment's Right to the Freedom of Speech is not contingent on what you, or anyone else for that matter, deems to be acceptable. If you don't ‘get it’, then sorry, but you're brainwashed and are a part of the problem; that despite your own sense of pragmatism, for playing devil's advocate. The real devils, such as the plutocratic Government we are fighting against, don't need advocates. They need to be destroyed. Do not think that these bastards are good people simply dealing with draconian bureaucratic guidelines while trying to make the country safer. They are power-addicted automatons.
Take this case, for example. He was making his posts on a damned social media site, LOL. The people they should really be worried about, are those who understand OPSEC and aren't on freakin’ Facebook. So this stunt serves no other purpose than subtly shifting the line in the sand, in public view, so that they may gauge our reactions. Your comment was a perfect example of the reaction they were hoping for.