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'Welcome.This guy (just


This guy (just stating my personal opinion) is a total corrupt.

Pretty much like 99% of the French leftist politic "elite".

Demagogues, fishing for gullible idiot sheeple for 40 years now.

Losers, with no abilities nor will to perform out of sweat, would they get to know what the simple laws of free-markets are (hard work and care for your client).

So, guess what? They endorse and sleep hard with whoever corrupt with more money whom they can cross, to continue implement a rigged socio-economic system based on entitlements... and theft (taxes) of the ACTUALLY working middle class (shrinking for 30 years now).

Oh yeah:

Once elected, they get to decide what those are and what taxes need to be raised to "manage" the "good" social programs for the rest of the country, of course.

France is probably the most prolific country ... in terms of tax names/nomenclature in the entire known universe. Just look it up. It's a lotta fun, if you're an acronym lover.

'Rings a bell ?

Despicable Men.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius