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Kids Matter !

Unfortunately that's something people like you have forgotten or never realised to begin with and the current conditions and the referenced above just proves it. Ive had you pegged for a Boomer for a while now. I place the blame where it rightfully belongs for the current problems.
You can CLAIM you are fighting it all you want but the bottom line is you have spent much time in this forum and in this thread defending it.

((I'm a boomer... I went to four high schools, saw the same thing at each school.. everyone smoked marijuana but the unpopular kids who had no friends. I really thought we were going to break through.. and then they had kids, and having kids they changed, stop participating in grassroots, got jobs to afford things for the kids... for the kids... for the kids.. for the kids... and it's still the same FOR THE KIDS BS that keeps us enslaved.

Blame is a lame game for losers. I'm really tired of this for the kids BS excuses. We have a UN Agenda that sees your kids as an over population problem/ a cancer/ consumers who waste their planet. I'm in here fighting that, and you're fighting me.))

WOW ! lol, Kids keep us enslaved ? LMAO Why, because they don't want you dipping in their cookie jar ? Its pretty clear now what you think about kids isn't it. I don't use my son as an excuse because whatever i sacrifice and i am willing to give up for my son's future is also in the interest of ALL kids futures. You just want to continue the squandering of their wealth. You Folks ate all the seed corn and now you are burning your kids and grand kids furniture to keep your little "party" going !
What your pushing can only hurt kids because it can only come from their pockets. I'm not fighting you. You already beat yourself and you want my son to pay for it...
As for me personally, life is good because I as in ME made sure of it, not the government who is currently made up of guess who...Boomers.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams