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Huh ?I have mixed feelings

Huh ?

I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I wanted to comment on the OP's post: okay, and how does that relate to our stand for Liberty with Ron Paul or whoever would faithfully support his platform?

Then, I realized this is actually helpful, but may not be worth more than this (which is, granted, quite a lot, already) :

to show the american people THE DEPTH OF CONFUSION in some of their representatives' minds, indeed !

I don't care, for a second, whether he is a Jew or pro-Israel, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Red Onion-adorer, or as I like to say, in the Swimming-With-My-Dog-in-Great-Lakes-on-the-path-to-Awakening ...

The question I'd ask him:

senator, what is your country's borders' safety you're concerned with ? The United States of America's or the United Nations' bureaucrats' abstract one's ?

'Coz, you know, senator :

while you're at it, you might as well consider our solar system or our entire Galaxy.

Nothing proves we DON'T have BAD FANATIC TERRORIST ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS past Alpha Centauri in our Galaxy, so be prepared !

By that "U.N. abstract one" above, I don't mean to deny Israel, of course. I just mean to say IT DOESN'T make sense for a U.S. senator, who I would assume be a U.S. citizen, care for the sovereignty of another nation FORMALLY defined by the U.N. earlier in history.

If he is not American, but Israeli instead, why the hell would he live and take public representative charges in the U.S. while concerned with Israel's interest ? Isn't it the same country who had ITS OWN officials say THEY DO NOT NEED NOR CALL FOR American help to defend THEIR SOVEREIGNTY ?

Which new DICTIONARY should I use that I have missed thus far ?

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