Comment: You ignored the good advice I gave you almost two weeks ago

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You ignored the good advice I gave you almost two weeks ago

and are still making excuses for living out in the boondocks with Mom and Dad.

You said in a previous comment "I see it as much as I would like to move out on my own, I have no choice but to stay home and commute to work in the city (I live way out in the country in the middle of nowhere)" At $4/gallon and rising, you are spending at least $16/day, or $320/mo just on gas, not to mention oil changes.

When we bomb Iran, gas will quickly go to 6,7,maybe $8/gallon. Are you going to still argue then that you "can't afford" to get your own place close to work?

As for the girls, there are millions of young ladies who are lamenting the fact that they can't find a nice guy. How do you expect to meet a suitable mate when, after eight hours at work, you spend two hours/day commuting? And then once you arrive at your destination (home), you are in "the middle of nowhere".

You need to put yourself into an environment where you can meet the love of your life. I don't know where you work, but from what you have said, your opportunity for meeting women is minimal at best. Only YOU can change that. My guess is that your social life is minimal too. Living where you do is NOT conducive to having friends or girlfriends.

Just for the record, I am NOT against twenty-somethings living with their parents. It can be a mutually beneficial relationship in so many ways. However, when the living situation is used as cover by the son or daughter to hide from life,from their own inadequacies, and keeps them from facing their fears, it is no longer a good thing. I believe you are in THAT situation.

Here is my BEST ADVICE:
The first thing you must do is recognize that you have been rationalizing your living situation. Financially, and socially, it would be much better for you to live close to your job. Place an ad in the city where you work seeking a roommate or roommates to share an apartment with.

If your current job does not give you much contact with young people, look for a job that would. Develop friendships with some of your new acquaintances, (roommates, coworkers, customers). Also, attend church and get involved in a hobby club that interests you in order to expand your opportunity for meeting potential friends, as well as girlfriends.

In short, START LIVING! By living in the city, you can go out with friends after work, or take a special girl to the movies. Once you are on your own, try new things. Take a cooking class--aside from the practical benefit, it is another great way to meet the ladies!

Also, don't forget to exercise--you will not only look better but feel better too, and joining a gym or jogging in a popular park is one more way to meet new people. As you have fun and develop yourself as a human being, you will gain the confidence you need to expand your horizons even further.

C'mon ryno, NO MORE EXCUSES! Your new life (and wife) awaits!