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you're talking about this one:
(In the future, please don't edit "crime scenes", it makes certain things harder. Do you recall what it said?)

Anyway, from the cid I can tell it occurred in the minute between the cid before it and after it, so it was around:
2012-02-02 13:32:XX
(this makes sense; the OP is that old)

I'm betting this would explain why it "didn't show up" on your recent comments--as you comment frequently and it was behind...1,076 of your more recent comments. Upon editing it, you changed the timestamp, making it more recent, thus making it appear in recent comments.

However, the IP didn't change, it was and is

This is a DP IP, which everyone had for the short interval back then when the load balancer was new and wasn't properly showing IPs. Point being, I can't definitively say it wasn't you then.

But you made 5 other comments that day, all which have the same IP. (No surprise; remember, everyone had it)

Do you recall these? If so, it's likely you made the concerning one as well, but just forgot. (unless its content inarguably suggests otherwise)

In the event you're absolutely certain you didn't make that comment from 6 months ago, it's much more likely someone physically near you signed in as you, as there do not even appear to be any deviations in your IP history to date. So change your passwords and continue on.

In the event you may not be 100% certain you didn't make that comment from 6 months ago, I wouldn't worry; I sometimes (though rare) look back and think "..what? I said that?". But it comes back to me eventually.

Make sense?

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