Comment: Take their money and stick it to them.

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Take their money and stick it to them.

Lol not sure if anyone's already mentioned this but if someone did sorry for resposting. They'll probably offer you very good money for the site because of the threat it poses to their campaign, but in the meantime try to buy another eye catching domain that when people go to they will think of Romney and/or Ryan. Whether you want to develop that yet or not is up to you, but at least that way if you get offered big money you won't have to feel like betraying your conscience and can still continue the work on another site. I can totally understand if you took money from their campaign to buy off your site, because you're probably another average citizen who still has to put food on their table thru hard work. But at least with this plan you have a backup, with the chance of making them think they shut you up, and then you can stick the message right back in their face haha.