Comment: You're just claiming things

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You're just claiming things

You're just claiming things without any proof and you don't have a clue about economics.

Please show me evidence about "30 years ago the people who had money to invest were not going to spend it".

If you understood economics, you would immediately recognize that your argument makes no sense.
If many people sit on their money and don't invest, the prices of the investment goods go down which causes interest rates to go up.
At some point, they will again invest their money, except when there's a Federal Reserve which keeps interest rates low.

Even if some silly people decided to just throw all their money away, that wouldn't affect anybody else. Prices would then go down and everything would be fine. There is no loss of wealth if you destroy money, because it is just paper. And even if money were gold, the loss of wealth would only affect other uses of gold, besides the monetary ones, as for example jewelry.