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After reading the posts

I think Liberty First states it very well using Ayn Rand as a reference.

Part of the tactic behind the NWO is that, "Nothing really matters".. "You really don't matter", what you think, feel, own, doesn't matter. America is an experiement, a failed one. Our systems, our institutions, our values, our politics, our families, our relationships, everything is transitional, development is to be sustainable at best, not thriving. Money, property, dreams, all vain evidense, selfish, mentally unablanced people to the NWO.

All that does matter is that you give up, doesn't matter how. Resistance is fultile. Go Party, go rally, go celebrate, leave them laughing when you go, because it's all going to go poof, into a NWO.

The message of the New World Order is to resist the establishment, rebuke it, disown it, reject it, fight it, not from the inside, but on the streets.

People become conditioned to say, "I don't care". They are being conditioned to not care, to not engage, to accept defeat as victory.

To me, it matters. What you do, who you are, what you think, why you think.. it all matters. It matters to me if you did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. It matters alot.