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First off

an alluding statement should not be an excuse for the Government to confiscate an individual. Exactly what "General's" did he threaten? It's like taking you away if you make any type of statement about changing our Government. Example "I want to destroy the I.R.S." This could be construed as a violent or non violent action and interpreted as violent for expediencies sake by totalitarian individuals or agencies. Was it the words or the target of the words which began this chain of events. You know the answer as well as I. We are on the cusp of a crack down on dissent where the law will be totally disregarded. Forget about Judges rulings, if they aren't in agreement of the Governments actions they will merely be ignored. Who's going to stand in their way, we have a Congress and Supreme Court who have totally surrendered, time and time again, their values for the sake of political expediency at the cost of our Constitutional protections. It is no longer the Government that serves us but it is we who are serving the Government and there are enough of us that the disappearance of a few hundred thousand will make no difference to the machine.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.