Comment: I talked with their County Sheriff just now!!

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I talked with their County Sheriff just now!!

Here's a report of our 10-min conversation, and I did most of the talking and reinforcement of what he already knows.

1) He said he was completely uninvolved.
2) He said you won't find a sheriff more 2nd Amendment oriented than himself. I said if an order came to you, signed by a judge, to confiscate guns from your county citizens, would you do it? He said there'd have to be a "higher authority" or "more than just one judge's signature" for it to carry weight. I then reminded him that HE is the highest authority in his county and that the Constitution is the Highest Law of the Land. He agreed.
3) He said he agrees with Sheriff Mack's book "for the most part".
4) With respect to Mr. Raub's case, he said he wasn't "arrested." He said that the authorities in his county can have you picked up at gun point and "detained" and taken to a hospital for evaluation IF these two things occur:

a) Somebody goes before a magistrate and says that you have a mental disease or might hurt somebody or might be a terrorist, etc.
b) The magistrate then decides if the request is credible and if so, will send the police out to pick up the person and transport them to a hospital for evaluation. The Sheriff told me this happens not infrequently in his county.

5) He then said that upon evaluation that if you're deemed "normal" or not a threat then they release you.
6) He said it's a matter of public record who issues the request to have so-and-so picked up for mental evaluation. (It would be interesting to learn who reported him as unstable).

So here you have it -- some investigative reporting for you done by a Daily Paul reader. All I did was call the Sheriff's office at 804-748-1261 and asked to speak with Sheriff Proffitt, and after a brief hold I got to speak with him.

Nice man. Most sheriffs are. I hope most keep their oaths. He said he would. This is America's last hope!!! As Sheriff Mack says.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford