Comment: It is what most of us would like to have seen:

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It is what most of us would like to have seen:

one true, unified effort by all factions to really experience and demonstrate our strength and numbers. The Rally for the Republic came closer to that in 2008 and a unified event this time could have swamped that.

But to be fair to the Campaign, they are hedged in by a plethora of legal issues in this horrid culture of litigation, unjust courts, and a corrupt GOP plus a far worse police state.

And the choice to run for RNC nomination has its load of limiting considerations. I do think the Campaign could/should have been more inclusive and communicative with the grassroots, but again the RNC albatross is very limiting. by hindsight a mistake, if it turns out unsuccessful.

The thing is, nobody knows even today how the end will play out. The many backseat drivers and 2nd guessers who have dropped out and intentionally litter the path of those still "in for the win" have taken perhaps the biggest toll of all.