Comment: Brandon has drawn attention to the plight

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Brandon has drawn attention to the plight

of the military, stuck in wars that have nothing to do with the defense of the homeland, not allowed to speak out about their grievances, and being groomed, it would appear, to fight against other Americans at some future time. We have all heard of such training going on.

So the media has to ignore everything that is going on, and no one is supposed to mention anything, but Brandon has placed it all on the table for all to see on his Face book page. Will the media sympathize as much with him as they did with Pussy Riot, or will veterans be ignored at home?

Since military men and women are being asked to put their lives on the line, it is only right that questions be asked, and the starting point for the "war on terror" was 9/11. Many in the WORLD question the truth of the media story on 9/11. How long will American media hide the valid doubts about the story? Brandon should not be punished or discredited for speaking the truth. This story has to be made global. It is time some sincere questions are answered. Let us all stop ignoring the elephant in the room!