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Comment: Beautiful intelligent article by Brandon at this page.

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Beautiful intelligent article by Brandon at this page.

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Everything Brandon says here is the truth. But truth has become the enemy in this new upside down America. In this world the media is not allowed to speak the truth. What the elite rulers do not want heard and seen is ignored, marginalized, as they have done to Ron Paul. So now anyone who speaks the truth will be called “crazy”: and locked away as an example to others? Truth is taboo?

The only value functioning at this time is GREED for power, control, and wealth. It is time this nation and the world returned back to living by the values contained in the American Constitution. Brandon needs to be allowed to go home. He has done no wrong! And he is NOT crazy, as some imply, because they wish to silence him and silence the truth. This is the way of a fascist dictatorship, and this not the American way.