Comment: The glue of the movement should be beliefs, not a man.

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The glue of the movement should be beliefs, not a man.

If the whole thing falls appart because Ron isn't there to keep it together, then a lot of people missed the point.

However, if people in the movement understand what Paul's been saying, it should continue to grow without him.

If people really get it, then Paul could endorse Romney tonight and it shouldn't stop the growth of the movement.

I think one of the biggest things that trips people up in this movement is an overemphasis on purity and consistency in a politician. I love those things about Paul. I think it is wonderful that he is that way. It makes him a very admirable man. However, there is very little hope for the future if we have to rely on putting principled men in charge of running the country. There is a lot more hope in educating the masses about the principles of liberty. If we can do that, even the most weaselly politicians will vote they way we want if they want to get/stay elected.

As much as I love Paul, I'd rather have a congress full of weaselly politicians who vote for liberty under public pressure than a few ideologically pure and consistent Pauls who can't pass good (or stop bad) legislation.