Comment: I wonder if they were reading my posts...

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I wonder if they were reading my posts...

If you watch my video, I mention that technically 10 candidates could get nominated, and that encouraging other "Romney pro-someone else than Paul" delegates to do so for a candidate that isn't speaking that they'd like to honor their work done for the party. Whether or not you like Palin, or even think she was a benefit to the GOP, she did work to help the GOP. She ran and served as Major and Gov. and ran for VP.

If we support other candidates getting on the ballot then the chances of a brokered convention are better. Our guy does best at these things. And we will have a good exchange with delegates that may join our side on the second or third ballot.

This is about building the Republican Party into a group that represents the people, and the Convention into an event where there is an actual debate and nomination process.

Jack Wagner