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"Who is the World Reserve Currency Power? Do you think is it the Rothchilds and the likes?"

One very strong reason for my tendency to believe in God is the absolute understanding that The Devil exists in human forms. Once in awhile one of those devils will be nearby, and this is very, very, very bad.

I think the best guess is that the worst of the worst call themselves Jesuits. This makes the most sense to me, since they would take on and corrupt the greatest power for good.

I spent almost no time going down that path, of trying to find out which group is the most powerful group, but many people have done extensive work in many directions, looking for that most powerful group, the one's pulling the strings.

I see no point in it. That group must be where hell on earth exists, in real time, just imagine what you would have to be just to be near it. This is unfathomable territory, in my opinion, for someone who has a working conscience, another world, so I prefer to keep my boundary.

The whole concept of a worst person isn't fantasy, it is merely a matter of which method is chosen to measure the facts, and that worst person may not last long since another rival may be raising the bar, so to speak, so the concept of a worst person can be a diversion, an image of a bunch of witches around a black pot, something to discredit anyone who may focus defensive power toward the worst person, and the second worst person, and the third worst person. They don't even have to know each other, they are connected in DEEDS and MOTIVES. They share the same Destructive POWER.

That is the enemy, and it is human form, and if you care not to look at the details, then I can concur in that decision, there is no point. There are plenty of lower level bad guys, Presidents of these American people, counterfeit versions, to employ, to measure, to know, and then to use as Good Cause to stop sending them any more power. Those minions, those Presidents, are the connecting nodes to the Victims, so that can be severed, that connection, and it can be done peacefully, just look in the mirror, know of the need to stop sending them power, then work to get other people on the same page, and if we succeed, by such and such a day, then we stop being victims that way.

We stop providing the means by which we suffer, and then deal with other things.

We can't deal with other things while we are anemic and while we keep letting the "doctor" cut on us, letting the blood out, supposedly curing us.

This is also not news. I have a very good book concerning how things were between Kings and Doctors in the 16th century. Blood letting.

Kings new their days were numbered when the doctors showed up.

The cure being worse than the ailment is not news.

Who does the diagnosing? Who does the prescribing? Who does the treating?

Best get up, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror.

Stop pretending that high paid liars are our masters, it isn't healthy for any human being on Earth.

Jesuits are my best guess, and it fits, and I'm not even going to pretend to know better, that is merely a guess.

"…I’m on your team…not"

The lie has to be convincing, or there is no power in it.

"That statement makes me think of this verse: 1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come ; and even now already is it in the world."

My guess is that you speak to all of God's Creation so as to help them learn what you know, what you believe, and we, as one, appear to you as one thing, more or less, not in a bad way, just a general viewpoint, a method of seeing the forest, and not having to count the rings in each tree. I do not disbelieve these translations that you offer of scripture, but the stakes are high, and I can't allow myself the luxury of blind belief, or as I call it counterfeit belief.

I think you can understand, and don't let me set you off too far in your routines, or methods, of spreading the word. I may be an exception to many of the rules of thumb that apply well to God's Creation.

"I can remember if it is Greenland or Iceland that kicked the bankers our recently. Do you know about that?"

Iceland has been a place where there has been a history of anarchism, if such a word can be understood without too much confusion, and you can look up the word Icelandic Commonwealth.

Add Iceland to the short list, sure.

1. Holland
2. Switzerland
3. Iceland
4. American between 1776 and 1788
5. Average suburban or rural town in America (discounting the connections to The FED via The IRS and the Consolidated Government including the accounts recording in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports)

I'm don't remember much about Greenland, it is not ringing a bell.

We in America have peaked past the major BOOM cycle, many minor Boom/Busts along the way, but I think we are on the way down now, so all this American Dream stuff will no longer apply so long as the Worst Power still has Power over us, so long as we still "provide the means by which we suffer" through The Dollar Fraud, or whatever will replace that Fraud with another Fraud, a new World Reserve Currency POWER, anything but our own accurate and competitive Legal Money.

Even our suburban examples of what does work, competitively, will be rendered powerless if the Cycle is allowed to BUST out on schedule. We may have small micro Booms to keep the Dupes guessing, playing the rigged Monopoly Game, but the trend from here on out is DOWN into the abyss.

We are on the schedule to lose World War III, and that is hardly a prophecy, the warning signs, the actual measure of that fact, is easy to see if you care to look, but this is again like looking for the very worst people: what is the point?

Know the way out, and get out.

Opt out.

What can they do without us providing the means by which we suffer?


They know it. Why is so much POWER spent on keeping the victims powerless, and keeping them connected to their Masters?


"I do think there is a long term plan passed from generation to generation. Jeff does not tend to think so, or at least he didn’t last time I brought it up. He doesn’t see why any group would have a long term plan."

If a thought works on you to inspire you to be powerless then it may be a good idea to seek out the origin of that thought, to try to back space your way to the actual source of the thought, is the though internal, as in a part of your spirit, your intuition, or is it a part of your thinking brain, a calculation, logic, reason, or is it common sense, or is the source of the thought external, a thing told to you by someone else, and upon closer inspection the source is ambiguous, not in scripture, not actually accountable to anything; what then?

The Thoughts and DEEDS that connect criminals, especially legal criminals, are common to them, they don't have to be at the same table, or in the same century, or following the same written agreement, and they don't have to all have some nebulous secret hand shake. Their commonality is the acquisition of power from the weak, from the innocent, so as to then have the power to take more power and more power, the opposite of what you identify as God's commandments.

It matters not if the worst people in the last century have anything to do with the current worst people pulling the strings now, other than an academic exorcize or worse it is a false front, a diversion, a way of keeping the victims divided, as one victim looks at another victim and blames the fellow victim for being a "conspiracy theorist", so how well does that tactic work in reality?

Divide and conquer or The Hegelian Dialectic, the words cover up very bad deeds, and how many very bad deads can you count on two hands?

I have three.

Resort to deception as a means of destroying the innocent and transferring power from the victim, and passing on all costs to the victim.

Resort to threats of aggressive violence as a means of destroying the innocent and transferring power from the victim, and passing on all costs to the victim.

Resort to aggressive violence without limit as a means of destroying the innocent and transferring power from the victim, and passing on all costs to the victim.

Willful Crime perpetrated by criminals who formulate a plan, target victims, and then perpetrate crime upon targeted innocent victims.

If they make their crimes legal, that is merely deception, already covered.

The worst people are going to be the best criminals, the most deceptive, the most able to threaten (without the victim even knowing from where the treats originate), and the most violent.

The worst people are going to be the most able to destroy and therefore they will be the most powerful people who then willfully employ their power to make their power more than anyone else, and they accomplish that through those same means, already covered, and the name of their game is destruction.

They gain power so as to destroy life.

That links every one of them to each other, even if they never meet personally, they are as one because they do the same things.

So what is this fixation on "conspiracy"?

Why is that word any more significant than entropy or ectropy?

The obvious answer is that the word "conspiracy" is a divisive tool used to divide the targeted victims. If the word merely meant two or more people planning to injure someone then there would be no connection to "theory" it would be merely two or more people planning to injure someone.

"Conspiracy Theorist" is like "Monetary Crank" or "Sinful Messiah", where the object sought by pushing that form of currency, that message, that term, is to make people fight each other instead of people agreeing with each other, the object of the invention, production, and maintenance of the lie is to dilute the defensive power of the victims, so that the victims are weak, divided, and helpless.

Divide and conquer.

Hegelian Dialectic.

A thief will arrive at the store, find what to steal, get in place to steal the thing, and then point in another direction and yell out "thief". While all heads are turned in the direction of the intended diversion the thief picks up the thing stolen.

Who falls victim to that twice?

How stupid is it to pay Federal Income Tax with Fraud Money so that criminals who make their crimes legal gain more power while we grow weaker by the penny?

How many pennies does it take to make 300 tons of 100 dollar bills?

How stupid is it for one of us to help the criminals make each other of us pay Federal Income Tax with Federal Reserve Notes?

It is not at all stupid if that is how we earn our living.

What is the quota required to make a living wage, along with a healthy retirement plan, as to how many fellow victims are kept in line, by our thoughts, and by our actions, as all those thoughts and actions are added up to make a total power of collective force?

How far off is Tax Evader from Draft Dodger?

Why do you think people attack me? I threaten the broken record, and they know that if the needle jumps out of the groove then the Liberty song will start playing again.

There goes their something for nothing plan.

Attack that conspiracy theorist anarchist nutcase with the tin hat before something really bad happens, and make sure that he pays his fair share.


So torture and mass murder can stay legal, make sure that person can't transfer another idea, because those ideas can upset our pay rate?

A whole lot of people have to get up, go to the bathroom, and take a serious look in the mirror. Many have, and they choose to kick the can down the road, and they choose to rat on those who don't obey without question, and they choose to profit at the expense of who cares who, what, when, or where, just pay, pay, pay, and do not question authority, so long as it isn't my turn to be tortured or murdered, and if the order goes out to terrorize the "conspiracy theorists" or the "terrorists" or whatever name works today, then how high should I jump now boss, and let me lick those boots, since there seems to be so much blood, brain matter, skin, hair, and other debris soiling them, lick, lick, slobber, slobber, ahhhh, so much better now.

It is pathetic. It is pathology. It is so far from common sense that there has to be a logical reason, and that isn't too hard to figure out, it pays well, in the short term, and now, after the peak of the BOOM, the pay rate is a steady rate of diminishing returns.

Best get better at Legal Crime, cause there ain't going to be enough dupes to go around.

"It seems one of the Nazi docs did some of that research."

Look into Edward Bernays, his work predated the Nazi version, and the Bolsheviks improved the technique, and The Khmer Rouge people, all financed through The Dollar Hegemony set the bar so high it is unlikely anyone can get that good at torture and mass murder so fast again.

The bar of just how well someone can be the most evil is set very high already.

Want to find out if the bar can be set higher?

Pay more, you may get what you pay for in spades.

"Twenty-three years ago was I supposed a traitor to my country? I was then said to be the bane of sedition, because I supported the rights of my country.”"

Conspiracy Theorist! Tax Evader!

Where is my rope?

Where is that bus?

Note: "My country", according to the study done by Lysander Spooner, was meant to be The People as a whole, rather than naming every person in My Country, it was not meant to be a Legal Fiction of Limited Liability, an entity unto itself, a False God on a pedestal, or throne, where The People are mere subjects, and the Nation State is the source of all POWER including authority.

"I would not have my Henry and Paine quotes if it were not for my JTK education."

OK, but see the nature of how Modular the tactic can be, as with the English (Fraud) Government (Legal Crime) there were three entities, each supposedly fighting the other one, King, Commons, etc., and scale that up, and you find the work in the book 1984 with Eurasia, Oceania, and Eastasia, and note the time frame required on the largest scale, whereby the battle lasts longer than one generation. The English may finally figure out their state of being subjected to fraud, but after the war with Oceania the next generation is born into a new version of the same story, jumping back into the groove of the broken record.

France was in power before England, after England was America, and after America will be Asia, and the confused victims can't remember from one generation to another if their history is false.

The Founding Fathers were one group and they all worked to give us security with their conservative Constitution. That is a pack of lies.

Lincoln freed the Slaves!

Have you read anything about Grant, Sherman, and The Indian Problem?

Where do you think Grant and Sherman learned how to slaughter people so well?

"Or did I already define it: Those that advocate Equitable Commerce."

Is that the official definition from the source?

Can I quote that?

"I wonder if humans can eat algae?"

I can try to find something along those lines and this is something I found by accident. I saw Marlon Brando being interviewed by Larry King and Marlon was pushing seaweed as a food that can feed the entire world without any trouble. Marlon had a seaweed cookie to let Larry try too.

The whole "overpopulation" scare is a diversion, a false front, like Global Warming. While they starve people they blame it on the victims, and while they heat up the globe (so as to starve people) they blame it on the victims.

This is not news.

Sea water, not desalinated water, is usable in producing that crop. Why are people starving?

Knowledge is powerful.

That knowledge of knowing how to feed starving people is POWER, so what do you think happens to that much POWER, that knowledge?

"I wonder if the patent was purchased to shut it down?"

That is the story behind Synthetic Oil made from Coal.

I found this:

That, if I remember correctly, led me to the work done by Sutton:

Germany was allowed to use the Synthetic Petroleum Formula to fuel their Military, that is a documented fact. Synthetic Petroleum was alive and well in Germany since the 1930s. Petroleum as a fuel, a POWER, was not even known before 1860, so why is petroleum now an "addiction"?

There is no Oil Crisis, and you may like listening to this person:

There is no Financial Crisis, either, these are crimes in progress, so why not process the criminals with due process?

Why put Willie Nelson in jail while torturing mass murderers are running amok at the Head of our Country?

"No Country fo old men. That was weird. The coin toss. Kind of scary too, but I haven’t seen the movie. Why did you want me to watch that?"

The character who flips the coin is an assassin in the movie, and the concept of the coin toss, if I am not mistaken, intends to be a counterfeit version of a conscience. If the coin toss is wrong (or right) then the assassin kills the person betting on the coin toss, if it is right (or wrong) the assassin does not kill the the person betting on the coin toss.

I should not have linked that video to someone who did not watch the movie or read the book.

"Did he say why? Did they have a disease?..."

The cows were healthy sources of food in abundance during the depression.

If food is made scarce what happens to the price of food?

It is that simple. They made food scarce. They were raising the price of food. They were experimenting with their POWER to take more POWER. They were in POWER, Gene was merely a witness to the abuse of power demonstrated in real time.

What will people not do when ordered?

"What is the name of Rothbard’s book?"

There is the free version. The Austrian Economists want to spread the word faster. The price for that is cost? What is the price for that book?

"I wonder if all CAFR give over sight authority to citizens groups?"

The probable first wide spread warning about C.A.F.R. was Walter Burien in the year 2000, published on VHS tapes.

Since then the Legal Criminals have been closing up those published confessions of their crimes. This is common sense.

Taxes were paid, tax funds were invested into profit making ventures, funds grew over time, and people were recording those tax collections, those investments, and those profits.

The actual investments of tax collections, Nation Wide, have been recorded since World War II, or so, according to some investigations, including Walter Beurien's work. The evidence discovered, in those investigations, record large profits from those investments, and that information was kept from The Public, while The Public was fed the Budget information.

The Budget information reports claimed that "we are broke".

They were lying with The Budget information.

They were recording the accurate accounts on Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (at least some of the information, certainly not all the information concerning who does what with which money).

In essence the Budget was the False Front covering up the profits which were being made through tax collections invested in profitable ventures. The CAFR reports were the actual records that needed to exist, to know what went where, and those CAFR reports had to be covered up with The Budget False Fronts.

If any government was involved in this type of cover-up, then a process of discovery, gaining access to a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report could prove the fact, so long as those people running that government has not yet covered those tracks since the year 2000.

It is now 2012.

What about archives?

Does your (or my) city archive outdated Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and if you are going to fight this fight are you prepared to win it?

That video of Citizens volunteering to hold their local governments to account are instructive, very instructive, but to me those Friends of Liberty are going to run into the State, and then The Federal Government Agents, and are those Friends of Liberty prepared for that battle?

All those accounts are denominated in Federal Reserve Notes, or Legal Fraud units of Legal Money.

Those Friends of Liberty are treating specific cuts in the body, a good thing, but the cause of the cuts, the Legal Criminals who hire these "doctors" (local government agents), may not like their subjects (tax payers = targets) taking law (counterfeit) law, taking law into their own Friends of Liberty hands.

I'm just saying that this type of local action may gain significant ground for Liberty, but the real battle must someday deal with the FRAUD money supply and the FRAUDS who run it at the Top of this Country.

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work , neither should he eat."

Just work, or is it assumed that work produces more power out of less power?

That is not a trivial question.

Work, a generic term, could mean someone digging a hole, and then someone else filling in the hole, and those two workers keep doing that for years, going in one circle, ten feet in diameter. If they work really hard they can dig a 1 foot hole, 1 foot in diameter in 10 spots around the 10 foot diameter area many times in one day, going around, and around, and around, so that they can earn their share of the food?

"Is it the casino money they are getting? I remember Obama saying something about now it was the Indian’s turn. Did they make the housing bust on purpose so the money could be laundered thru the Indians?"

The Indian problem has not reached The Final Solution despite much in the way of trying to get to that goal. The same is true for the Jewish Problem with that Final Solution, it did not quite reach the goal? Who made torture and mass murder legal?

Your ancestors, those Founding Fathers?

I don't know much about the current efforts to solve the Indian Problem, probably Casino money, which is a License given to "players" who then have the Legal License to fleece the flock legally, according to the rules, and who pays those costs?


Like a gambler on Wall Street?

The games are rigged, and they hate it when "players" game their game, "reading" cards, etc.



Hey, how about a treaty?

We let you have access to our tax payers and you still don't have to pay any tax, but we get a piece of the action, how is that, a partnership? We scratch your back, and you scratch our back?

"He was taking power from them that they had held over the people."

Monopoly POWER has to destroy competition, one cannot exist if it is two not one.

Incorporate (corrupt) the competition or, if they do not obey without question, then crush them.

Monopoly cannot exist in competition, it is a contradiction, it can't happen.


"So is the answer that no one should have kids because some parents are evil? Shall we give all the kids to the state to raise? If 90% of people are good and those 90% had servants and kids how will they treat them?"

All that, to me, are symptoms. You speak of transferring numbers of dollars, or $, which is POWER, and it is Legal Power.

That is the cause of all those symptoms. Not you using money. The cause of all those symptoms is the fact that everyone is made to use that ONE money from that ONE source.

If you can't see that, that way, then I do not transfer my POWER to see the Big Picture to you. The puzzle is not in view if you do not see that the PROBLEM is that unit of $, because that is FRAUD, that is a crime in progress, your use of that money marks you as a mark, a victim, a slave, a weaker, and weaker, and weaker human being, as time goes by, so long as you are under that influence, along with everyone else connected by that connection, that Medium of Exchange, Legal DEBT, $$$$, you are connected to the worst Evil mankind has ever had the extreme misfortune to suffer.

Know the problem or you will never solve it, and you will forever be misdirected, divided, discouraged, and off chasing your tail, failing to see The Forest, as it burns, because you can't see the arsonists who keep the fire burning, who keep the Fire Trucks held back at the gate leading into the Compound where the church goers are supposedly committing suicide as they jump under those tank treads within the fire.

You transfer POWER to people who are weaker, and that is the definition of generosity, but the Medium of Exchange is a virus, like those plague ridden blankets "given" to the "Indians", the blankets are powerful forms of insulation against loss of heat, powerful tools, life saving tools, blankets, or Mediums of Exchange, money, but what is hidden in those tools?

Under closer inspection the Blankets turned out to be Trojan Horses.

Here, take this gift, it will keep you warm at night.

A peace treaty.

A Final Solution to the Indian Problem.

The Great Depression, a BOOK, shows how a TOOL works for evil people who use that tool, which was a combination of The Federal Reserve with The IRS, both of which were "enacted" into "Law" in 1913.

The "gift" was to "save the children" from harm, to save them from Booms and Busts that were so destructive, so bad, so bad, that The Federal Reserve and The IRS were given to The People to help them avoid so much destruction caused by Booms and Busts GONE WILD!

Guess what?

They, those criminals made legal, were the prime cause of those Booms and Busts before 1913, those criminals who Monopolize, who Consolidate, who enslave, who incorporate all competition, or crush all competition, and they perpetrated a FRAUD in the creation of The Creature from Jekyll Island.

The FED and IRS were and are working Trojan Horses, working Disease infested blankets, working DEBT NOTES, and how well does it work?

They keep score, and this score board is a tip of the Iceberg, itself a False Front covering up the real score.

You think that you only owe 139,937 dollars to the IRS, one way or another, they will kill you or get that out of you, and that doesn't even count the DEBT owed by your children, and that is all you owe, only that much?

Guess again.

The collectors on those bad bets won't be the most evil people, hardly, since you only have to get up, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, to find the real culprit, the ONE who has been led to believe in that DEBT. The worst people will hire minions to collect the debt.

Look in the mirror.

You use the money.

You are an integral part of the Network of DEBT, the same as everyone else who uses that money.

If every victim to it knows their fate and at once every victim to it stops using it, and starts using accurate money instead, powerful money instead of FRAUD money (very destructively POWERFUL because it transfers power in hidden ways), then the Revolution is over, and we win, the former victims win.

Which victims?

Do you get a handsome divided each month for your investments in Dollar denominated funds?

Will your income stream vanish if everyone else switches over to another money?



Why are so many people working to keep The Dollar Money so (destructively) powerful?

They are stupid?

Is that an interesting question?

If a jackal arrives at your door and says that there is a deal for you, something that pays very well, if you would just stop bemoaning the fact that the authorities are evil, lesser evil, evil, and you seem to be gaining currency with your whistle blowing, so take the deal, you can't afford not to take the deal, and you too will be paid well, comfortably well, which is a very interesting proposition, all you have to do is this, this, and this, and you will be set for life.

Keep your mouth shut, use the money, and use it the right way, and things will be just fine.

Don't question the money.

Please, for your own good, don't question the money.

Take the deal, it is in your best interest, says the jackal, because the next guys to knock on the door won't be so nice.

Just fall in line, take the deal, it is in your best interest, do not question the money, and things will be fine.

Take the deal.

Don't question the money.

Take the deal.

Don't question the money.

Go ahead, fight this or that battle, no problem, but take the deal.

Don't question the money.

We are all in this together.

Don't question the money.

Are we really that stupid?

No, many of us have a vested interest, which is very interesting, in keeping that money doing what it does so well, for awhile longer.

Just know, get the best insider information possible, know, know, know, when to hedge, when to sell out, when to put options on destruction, and don't get caught holding the empty bag.

All will be fine.

Don't question the money.

Use it to your own advantage, it is in your best interest.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, satisfies their own requirements as completely as possible to the exclusion of all others, so use the money, that is what it is designed to do, use it as leverage, use it to your advantage, but don't get caught on the short end of that stick.

Everything will be fine.


Don't question the money.


Do we have a deal?

You can't afford not to take this deal.


"I should add now that there are kind people and evil people that make the difference"

Which money do they use?

"They should be working for me since I am paying them. Instead I pay for my demise because they are now allegiant to the federal government that pays them my money."

While you look at hired voters to be the enemy, and while I look at forum members protecting their income stream by down voting my warnings here as the enemy, neither one of us focuses attention on Ending THE FED, THE IRS, and THE TROOPS slaughtering the innocent for money?

The FED borrows money from The Good Faith and Credit of The American People.

Is that true or not true?

People at The FED double the money supply, like they did to cause the roaring 20s, to then cause The Great Depression, to then finance all sides of World War II, and they just doubled the money supply again in 2008, and that is them, those people, borrowing from us the Good Faith and Credit of The American People.

They borrow from us.

Is that a true statement?

If someone, anywhere, wonders why they are now Up-Side-Down with their home mortgage, do they have to wonder long?

Are we that stupid?

You wrote:

"...the constitution was written between the people and the consolidated government..."


That type of thinking is still infecting your soul?

You want me to tell you what to do, then listen to me, or rather listen to Lysander Spooner, call him any name you want, just remove him from the message and judge the message to be true or not true.


Free information right?

Free, free, free, ohhhhhhh isn't it marvelous to be free?

“Why does one have to be Master and one has to be Slave?”

It depends on what you mean by slave, but IMO

Focus attention on people who decide to be paid for doing nothing?

Is that an interesting focus of attention?

In a Monopoly Money POWER regime, that is the rule, not the exception.

What makes Ben Bernanke any different than any of the other employees (slaves) to that system?

Ben works harder?

How about smiles?

Ben smiles, how about those people you appear to be focusing your attention upon, do they smile, ever?

"some people are slothful and do only what it takes to get by and never get ahead"

Ben is better because he is energetic?

"b) Because for some strange reason some people are just lucky and get ahead while others are unlucky and stay behind"

The Dice is loaded, so where is this luck factor, exactly?

Heads they win.

Tails we lose.

Tax evader!

Man, do I ever stop playing the same record, I wonder, don't I have a back up tune?

"c) Because some people make money and turn around and make that money make money for them while other people spend every penny they get (me) and don’t have any money to make money for them."

That is interesting, how does that work?

"d) .Because some people are born into positions of wealth."

Relative to what, a person starving to death faster than their children, so as to prolong their children's misery, wealthy realtive to that condition of "life"?

My wealth was handed down from my father the Corn tycoon, where we "make corn scarce to save the children"?

Which money was being used at that time?

"e) Because some people are born with more intelligence than others."

So they take the deal, because it is obviously less taxing?

"f) Because some people are more intelligent but fail to use that gift and squander it, while others who are hard-workers get ahead."

I worked for 25 years, hard labor, not always, but relatively speaking my labor showed up in callouses, worn out joints, scars, emergency trips to the clinic, suffering. I got ahead of the tax man, just barely. Had I figured out the, what is the acceptable word, the false front for tax evasion, you know, come on, you are not unintelligent, the word is a term, the words are loop holes, whispered, loop holes, and just how much farther ahead could I be now?

How much farther ahead could I be had I not squandered my intelligence those 25 years of hard labor, that I would not trade for anything, since that is my life, that is how I traveled while I walk the Earth and stand for LIFE?

How is this non-squandering of intelligence measured, please?

"g) Because evil people steal power"

That is my prize. That is my wealth. That is the sum total of my earnings, if I don't count the production of 2 children, which I don't count, that is a gift to me from God, not my "profits" realized by me not squandering my intelligence, and not my earnings from my hard labor. My prize is knowledge.

"g) Because evil people steal power"

Failure to know that is measurable. How about keeping score?

"What is equity?"

The opposite can define equity by contrast, like day can be defined by night. I think that the opposite of equity is iniquity.

I can have things mixed up, of course.

My way of defining equity is to negotiate right from wrong among any number of people sharing that goal honestly and effectively.

You can define words as you see fit, of course.

If you borrow my definition then that may be an example of equity as you agree to find the right definition of that word. Equity is an equitable word if we negotiate the meaning of that word equitably.

This is like the word euphemism. Euphemism is a euphemism, if it were not a euphemism then the accurate word would be deception, or lie, where the intended meaning of Euphemism was to identify a deception in progress, to show that the real thing is called what it is, instead of making up another word to stand in place of the word that works best to describe the real thing. A euphemism is a euphemism for a lie.

What is a lie?

A lie is a lie.

What is a euphemism?

A euphemism is a word that is invented to cover up the real word that works best to convey the accurate meaning.

How about examples of Euphemisms?

Extraordinary Rendition
Liquidation of Human Capital
Quantitative Easing
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Austerity Measures
Monetary Interest
Waste Removal Technician
Family Planning Agent
Tax Payer

Euphemisms are grand experiments in language embellishment!

"What is equity?"

Ve have veys of defining that word too.

There are worse things than equity, but not if you depend upon crime for a living.

"Iniquitous is not the opposite of equity."


Now I am on the edge of my seat, seriously, because here is where I can learn to be more accurate when employing English language effectively. I do not like using the wrong words when I try desperately to convey accurate meaning with English.

I really do think, up until now, that equity is the opposite of iniquity, so please understand my euphoria at this point, the stage appears to be set up very well for my education in this matter.

I don't want to be disappointed, but you can probably tell that I am skeptical. This could be a very important moment in my education process.

"Iniquity is another word for sin. Inequity is the word for unfair. And I suppose that fairness has to do with who is the judge of what is fair."

OK, well, that was a major let down. Where does equity not become the opposite of iniquity? Your words appear to say the opposite, your words appear to confirm, in fact, that iniquity is the opposite of equity.

Who is confused here?

"Iniquitous is not the opposite of equity."

I don't know how anyone can accurately communicate to anyone else with this English stuff, it is like using a butter knife to eat a tough steak. Hack, hack, hack, and the steak is still whole.

"Just because someone has a so called better position in life does not mean that they got it by evil means."

OK, here is where I look left, around behind me, I look right, again look around behind me, I'm looking for whomever you are speaking to with that version of why equity is not the opposite of iniquity.

So you can read Equitable Commerce by Josiah Warren and you then converse with me in those words?

Joe throws up.



Now what?

"I believe the system would become an involuntary one like forced socialism or forced communism."

OK, I get it, right.

Never forced religion, when talking to me, for some reason.

Never forced conservatism. Me gain, I get it.

Never forced capitalism, because it is me on the other end of this lesson.

Never forced equity, because that has nothing to do with iniquity?

I just fell off the tuna boat, plop, and here I am to be the object of some nebulous Man of Straw play acting?

What am I supposed to say now?

I am a socialist!

I am a communist!

Why don't you just shoot me and get it over with sooner?