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Just like our

language never evolved from Latin or has English always existed. Or the fact that Latin itself evolved from am earlier language. Oh and the case that people use different speech today than they did 50 years ago. Let me say just one thing as a Scientist the word "Theory" in science means that it is proven and has been tested. The hypothesis is the part that is yet to be or is being tested. I believe that there is a higher power in the Universe and that this "God", if you will, is not bias or judgmental. I'm sorry but I strongly believe that if there is a God that loves us and cares for us then not one person would be homeless or starving, or MURDERED in God's name. The bible that too many people believe is God's word was written by a man long after the death of Jesus. I am a baptized Roman Catholic and I was 7 when I was baptized so I remember what I had to do to be baptized. The book of Genesis roughly outlines the history of evolution over the 4.3 billion years of life on this planet. If that doesn't do it for you and you just can't reject the notion God made it all, then listen to this. If a God created everything and made humans to be intelligent, then he would of known that eventually humans would be intelligent enough to discover the history of the planet and Universe, and he would have made it so that it would agree with REASON, and COMMON SENSE. There is no reason nor common sense with religion because all religion tells you how to live, what you can and cannot do, just like a totalitarian government.

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