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Yep -- Many

But the main one was King Cotton and the Factorage System.

This made the south beholden (far more than the north) to the Rothschilds (of Eng and Fra) -- who in turn controlled the Crowns (via cotton lending and holdings).

On Daily Paul we rail the hardest against the "banksters" -- well Big Banking (as we know it today) got it's start in the Cotton business. It would be more accurate to say that this is where they gained a stanglehold over the Crowns of Europe; they were already in play long before this, but not at the level of wealth that King Cotton brought in.

Metals (railroads, building, forging, trains, mining etc)

It was King Cotton though that gave them there first huuuuge profit-control burst -- they did not control (as easily) the Crowns prior to this. After Cotton they did not need to hustle as much (as much); obviously currency control was always the destination, but there was a lot more currency competition back then.

The North was indebted too -- I'm just saying the Fractorage System of the South was far worse. The Jews who controlled it in the South and their "kin" (Rothschilds) in Europe is what lead to World Banking as we know it.

The North profited from cotton and slavery too -- there's no non-evil-doers in that era; but Lincoln (and others) saw the monopolization coming.

Maintaining a Union rather than moving towards separate countries (like Europe -- which is what the Rothschilds wanted) is why we can still "turn things" around -- otherwise we'd have a European swill hole here. Open travel and fairly Open Trade is something Canada, America, and Mexico still enjoy owing to the outcome of the Civil War.

England would have made Canada a crowned controlled "scottish" empire and Mexico would of fell to the French (Napolian III invaded Mexico during the Civil War).

Thus "European Swill Hole"

States can be just as tyranical (even worse if their intent is to carry-on slavery) as a central authority.

I'd rather have a Misesian Free-Society (of course).