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What in god's name does

What in god's name does anyone put their money in a bank for? .45% interest on your deposits? lol! You can find more loose change on the street. For the convenience of using a debit card or writing a check? And the cost of all the fees for that "convenience"?

I haven't had a bank account for years. I get a paper check every pay day - like everyone did just 15 years ago - and I go to the bank it was drawn on or to Wal-mart and cash it. Then it stays in my safe at home, along with my silver, and right beside my shotgun.

Nobody has ever made money off of having a bank account. I laugh at all the commercials about how you can have access to your money 24/7 with this online app or this mobile phone app. Hey, you know how else you can have access to you money 24/7? Keep it at home!

People kill me.