Comment: There was a package

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There was a package

that went out to the delegates...see below link:

It took them a lot of time and hard work to put it together and I am grateful that they made the effort.

This thing with Sarah Palin makes NO sense at all. She did not win even one state, never mind the five that was needed to have your name entered into nomination. I can't imagine what she would think she was accomplishing, but if it is an attempt to hurt Ron Paul, I think it is a misguided one. No true Ron Paul supporter is going to decide to vote for her at the last second, I don't care what kind of fancy package she mails out. The only person I could see that would be dumb enough to vote for her at this point would have to be a Romney supporter, and that would definitely help Ron Paul.

It does seem very strange; however, that someone put the time and money together to do this at this late hour.....