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You Just Used A Bank to Get Cash

How can you scoff?

My bank accounts, checking and savings, have an average of $150 in them, just so I have a debit card for an occasional purchase. But when I need to deposit a check so I can transfer it to my brokerage account, pay my bills, or buy more metals, it has to pass through the bank, just as yours did.

I, too, was very surprised last time I withdrew the measly amount of $2,000 (again, not kept in those accounts, but just passing through), to be questioned by the teller.

20 years ago, the same bank okay'd a $20,000 check by phone for me from 400 miles away, to satisfy an escrow company, based on my length of time as a customer.

It's one thing if they do it to make sure you are who you say you are and not a theif, and quite another to make the Feds happy. This is what happens when the government gets in between the customer and the bank.

What do you think?