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The power of 1,200

Comcast's market capitalization is $65.8 billion. It has approximately 23.4 million subscribers. In other words, the market places a value of $2,800 on each subscriber. If they lose subscribers because customers complain about the poor content (not enough Ron Paul), they will either put pressure on the MSM (Fox, CNN, etc.) to correct the situation, or they will try and extract some sort of compensation. Part of your cable bill goes towards programming costs, i.e., paying the content providers. They might also reduce the content provider's (e.g. FOX) share of your subscription dollar. They won't take the loss of a cable subscriber lying down. It costs them big bucks to win you back.

Assume 1,200 Paul supporters decide they can make do with You Tube and more frequent visits to the local library for the next six months. If they cancel their cable subscription and pass the $140 per month saving to the campaign, it will bring in $1,008,000.

Plano TX