Comment: The Department of Homeland

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The Department of Homeland

The Department of Homeland Security was created in March of 2003 with the mission of "ensuring a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards where American interests, aspirations, and way of life can thrive."

As of July of this year this Department is dealing with 1,591 open criminal cases involving DHS employees and some accomplices. Some of these open cases date back to 2003.

So over a 9 year period, they have been accused of at least 1,591 criminal charges(closed cases excluded). Just doing the math that's approximately 177 criminal acts a year. These charges range from corruption involving bribery, disclosure of classified information, espionage and smuggling. There have also been violations of civil rights and liberties by employees as well as accounts of defrauding DHS programs and financial systems. Other miscellaneous charges include those involving child pornography, false statements, and “contact with foreign governments/nationals."

One must ask, does this department make us safer? More importantly, do you feel comfortable with them ordering 750 million rounds of hollow-point bullets?