Comment: I understand where you are

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I understand where you are

I understand where you are coming from, but my experience with Ted Yoho tells me he could be swayed closer to Ron Paul. Send him an email, help educate him. It's still good news getting rid of Stearns ...and now today I see Sarah Palin endorsed Ted Yoho. Keeps him in the limelight anyway, while we help to educate him.

It just goes to show that incumbents can be removed when the people rise up and take action!!! Dr. Ted Yoho's first interview after defeating 24 year incumbent Cliff Stearns. And yes, he did just do a "Tebow."

The 3rd District of Florida is historically a republican held district.

BREAKING: Sarah Palin Endorses Rising GOP Star Ted Yoho for Congress
BY: ERIC GIUNTA | Posted: August 21, 2012

EXCERPT: In an exclusive interview with Sunshine State News Thursday, Yoho detailed his strict constitutional philosophy, fielded questions which had been submitted by readers, and candidly set forth why he set out to run against conservative stalwart Stearns.