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I thank them too

It's just many of these national delegates are also on committees or connected to committees and how they became credentialed. I didn't know a package had gone out, and as much time as I spend here, I don't see everything. So if it was me, I would have been thrown for a loop.. "We sent something out?" And "Hmm I wonder what it said?"

We face a lot of stealth undermining, and while we have our views and purpose as heirs to Ron Paul's message, which enables us to respond, there is that doubt.. for example the Super Brouchure.. when I was campaigning, campaign made it clear to me, to not combine them.. anything that was donated from a source outside the USA was "Illegal".

When the banners for CA came out, I ordered 5. I was sent three packages of 5. The local number was in San Fran, when I tried to return the package, UPS would not send it to San Fran, but refused to return it saying it was out of India. I informed UPS that they were only made there, but UPS said that the name and company were out of India and had NO San Fran connection.

This is what I mean that as a delegate, it's like you are constantly under attack, from the outisde in the GOP, from the uncompromising, unforgiving, and very demanding crassroots, and from the inside GOP, neocons, and now stealth Palin grassroots.