Comment: Nonna it can only be an open convention not brokered at this

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Nonna it can only be an open convention not brokered at this

point.This is going to happen because delegates from all 4 candidates are going to revolt against Mitt on the 1st ballot because they know now that they are not bound by State rules at the convention.

It will be an Open Convention after the 1st round when Mitt fails to receive 1140 votes.

"Instead of a Brokered Convention which is no longer possible by GOP rules, if no candidate on the 1st ballot gets a majority we will have an OPEN convention. Each Delegate will then be legally able to vote their conscience, based on the rules from their states.

The Establishment fears an Open Convention more than anything, for it means the actual Delegates will chose instead of politicians, the media, or back room power brokers. The Convention can then nominate ANYONE, whether they have been a candidate or not up to that point, or they can unite behind one of the current candidates. It will certainly be an interesting convention!"

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