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I looked at both links

I would absolutely refuse to particpate in both links you provided as participation would be a means to get tossed off my seat as they are negative against Romney.

Palin's group did not send out Anti-Romney messages. Rather they sent out information appealing to the delegates as how Palin is a uniter of ALL GOP delegates, and how together GOP can beat Obama under Palin. No one would throw me off a committee if the letter showed how Ron Paul is a uniter without attacking Romney. Both links you provided would toss a committee member off their seat and a bound delegtate off the roll. They are PRO-OBAMA, as YOU are.

I don't consider my seat a high horse, but a working horse that is under threat from the estblishment, those who want that seat like Palin delegates, and liberty grassroots who HATE the GOP (like YOU), who have no intention of joining us, don't understand what's at stake and don't understand or even care to understand why that seat is so important to the future of liberty.

Your insults show me, do do not support me. Your undermining my seat, shows me, you do not support Ron Paul, writting in Ron Paul supports OBAMA as it means NOTHING on the ballot, but it's a great sales ACT to those who don't understand politics well.

You can fool yourself, and you can fool others here, but you don't fool me. As far as I'm concerned, you're proud being a misleader or fool. That's not an insult. That's exactly how I see you.

You're not on my side, you're not helping delegates or committee chairs like me, or Ron Paul. You're helping OBAMA.