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Comment: atreidies --- Ron Paul is not a Gawd and should NOT be treated

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atreidies --- Ron Paul is not a Gawd and should NOT be treated

as one. That means, SPEAKING your mind to Ron Paul. This is RESPECT. This is telling him what you believe and think and being HONEST with your opinion, not withholding it.

FYI, before running in 2007, Ron Paul contacted some Arizona patriots who had started the R3VOLution. He wanted to know what we thought, we said go for it, we'll back you 100%. He had been to our FreedomSummit several times and we knew his speeches. He said he would say the same thing, no holding back.

And Ron Paul does this NOT NEARLY enough. The fact that Adam told Ron Paul that, is 100% cool with me. Trust me, Ron Paul is big enough to both listen and think about it. But, Ron has made up his mind and the decision has been made. If anything, Adam could be a bit curious to learn the back story as to why Ron Paul chose to go it alone. Perhaps it was control of the venue, who knows.

But the more freedom events, THE BETTER. I can recall being just one of a dozen people in April 15th 1980 protesting the Income Tax. Now, its hundreds come tax day. The more events we do, the BETTER.

More is good. So don't fret.


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