Comment: Not Sarah Palin's Doing This, Not Involved

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Not Sarah Palin's Doing This, Not Involved

First off, this is NOT Sarah Palin's doing. In fact she is dead set against it. This is being done by some misguided folks who don't like the Republican Establishment.

I don't like the GOPe either, but it's too late for this nonsense. It's as stupid as the Ron Paul cultists who somehow think Dr Paul will be the nominee.

Like it or not Willard Romney is the nominee, and our only chance to beat Obama and his communist thugs.

As a Palin supporter I don't appreciate those here who are trashing her, calling her stupid, and so forth.

Palin has had nothing but nice things to say about Ron Paul, and has supported his ideas of fiscal sanity. Though like the rest of the civilized world, she has laughed out loud at his insane foreign policy notions.

Sarah Palin was an incredible Mayor who turned a dirt road village into the fastest growing city in Alaska. She built infrastructure and lured in businesses from around the world. She did this while LOWERING taxes.

Wasilla, thanks to Sarah Palin, is the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. Around 50,000 people a day shop there. The current Mayor gives Palin 100% of the credit for this.

As the state's powerful oil and gas regulator Palin uncovered massive corruption. She would eventually take down the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska, including the state's Attorney General, Gregg Renkes and the state party chairman Randy Ruedrich. [who paid the largest civil fine in Alaska's history] She would eventually defeat the sitting Republican Governor in a landslide.

As Governor she cleaned up corruption, reformed the highly corrupt relationship between Big Oil and the state lawmakers, who were allowing the oil companies to buy the oil at below market rates, and accepting huge payoffs in return.

Sarah Palin was the highest rated elected official in the country, with a sustained approval rating of over 90%. She sat as the second most powerful Governor in the country. She used her power as a CEO to grow jobs. She had a better record than anyone else, and cut spending, as well as control debt and liabilities. Again, she was the very best in the country.

In 2008 the Wall Street Journal, in comparing the power various Governors had, in relationship to Governor Palin wrote: "Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant."

Governor Palin also put together the largest infrastructure project in North American history. Something others had tried to do for 30 years. It took her less than two. And she did it using an open process and free market principles.

Governor Palin was Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, The Alaska Air National Guard, and the Alaska Defense Force, a nationally recognized militia that is part of Homeland Security's national defense strategy. The ADF's predecessors are the ones who saved Alaska when the Japanese invaded in WWII.

The Alaska Governor shares command and control of the National Guard [the only NG on permanent deployment] and has 100% command and control of the ADF. As Governor, Sarah Palin received regular high level national security briefings. Alaska's geographic relationship to Russia makes it the front line for national defense. The 176th Air Defense Wing routinely escorted Russian Bear Bombers out of Alaskan air space. In fact, on Governor Palin's watch, the 176th received the Air Force's highest award.

I know Ron Paul has his fans, and that's fine. But his fans' tendency to attempt to tear down anyone who isn't Herr Doktor Paul doesn't help your cause. In fact, it only reinforces what people feel about Ron Paul and his cult.

Ron Paul was a Congressman with few actual accomplishments, other than grabbing up as much pork as humanly possible, and voting "no" on almost every piece of legislation put in front of him for decades.

Sarah Palin was the nation's finest Governor and now the leading voice of Liberty and Freedom. In 2010 she endorsed over 100 candidates for local, state, and federal office, with a 90% rate of success. Her people include 5 Governors and two state's Attorneys General, as well as a ton of House and Senate members.

This year she is doing the same. Thanks to her, STRONG Conservatives like Ted Cruz defeated the corrupt GOP Establishment and will be strong members of Congress.

Far from being stupid, Palin is a leader of accomplishment. You guys SHOULD be supporting her. Again, she's NOT involved in these "earthquake" efforts. Doesn't want to be involved. But she IS involved in making America a better place.

Ron Paul's day is done. He's retired from the House. It's over. What you folks who have leached on to him are doing now is just sad. It will also harm Senator Rand Paul in the long run. If the same cult of personality that surrounds Herr Doktor forms around Rand, who is a pretty good Senator, his career will be a dead as a doornail.

If there is any stupidity around, it's those that think they have to tear down Sarah Palin, and others, in order to prop up Herr Doktor Paul.