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Adam's pointing out that... least 2 of the 3 'official' campaign events were orchestrated well AFTER THE FACT that P.A.U.L Fest and Adam's Veteran's March for Ron Paul(TRUE grassroots events) gained some major steam. The campaign wants to 'make nice' with the school yard bully. And dividing our numbers as often and as much as possible during the convention will surely guarantee our efforts will be ignored by the world, yet again.
I agree with Adam. We're a week away. Not a peep from the good Dr. in how long(regarding the convention, strategy, explanations for the campaign's self-destructive tactics, etc.)? I love Ron Paul as much as anybody, but some people need to wake the fuck up and realize he's not the messiah. The 'passing off of the reins' has been horribly sloppy at best Dr. Paul. We love you for your principle and conviction, political peace-making be damned. Now we're supposed to be satisfied with the crumbs the establishment wants to throw at us? Nope. Not me.

Who would you rather see? Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and Aimee Allen(smokin'!),
Rand Paul and Jack Hunter?

My guess is the official Paul event will fill to capacity when Ron takes the stage, and empty out when Rand and Jack make the scene. Or that would be my hope. The grassroots is where the action is at, and grassroots organizers and participants need and deserve our support.