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Comment: You Are Correct

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You Are Correct

Sarah Palin is NOT doing this, and I apologise to you if my post gave that assumption. That is not what I intended. If you have another headline, I'll edit mine in respect to what Palin's Grassroots are doing. It's VERY impressive and caught me completely off guard. The packages I recieved were excellent.

I am not tearing Palin down and I'm sorry if you thought I was.

I agree with much of what you have said, except, I think Rand Paul will have a great career ahead of him.

Please don't insult Ron Paul to vent your frustration and anger with those who love him even though they refuse to do what he asked ALL of us to do. Some of us did do what he asked and we love him as much as you love Sarah, and we are not knocking Sarah Palin, but I for one am in awe of her Earthquake grassroots, very impressive, and so his their LOVE for her. OK?