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Zero dollars in the market place

"When there are people who hoard money for years, it is for the rest of the people exactly the same as this money wasn't existent at all."
That's not logical, just saying something doesn't exist just cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Why would you bring up interest rates if the original discussion was about Taxing the rich and how they chose not to spend the money they accumulated 30 years ago?

You wrote
"But where is the connection to your "tax the rich" or your claim that there wasn't enough money 30 years ago."

Whether the price of investment goods goes up or down is irrelevant if the money in circulation is held in a few bank accounts.

Why is this concept so hard to understand? If there is $0 in the Market place and $300 that no one wants to spend. It wont matter if the price of goods is $1 because the majority of people have $0.

Not sure how much easier I can explain this.

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