Comment: Gestapo Tactics - Enjoy their Power Over Others

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Gestapo Tactics - Enjoy their Power Over Others

Four big thugs on top of a skinny little skateboarding boy-man whose hands are tied ??? These guys like to hurt people. Some join the police force so that they can bully, punch, beat people up. They look like fascist Nazi SS and Gestapo who were always brutal, and seemed to enjoy their POWER over others.

These four need to lose their jobs and also be jailed for assault and battery. This should not be a private hearing within police ranks. What happened is on film. Let them be jailed as anyone else would be if they committed this brutality.

Let justice be done. These thugs cannot be allowed to be above the law or protected by an internal police investigation. No excuse for this brutality.
Jail time. This cannot be allowed.